Sysaxiom is a creative technology company providing key digital services on the web, mobile and cloud platforms.

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Our Recent Project

Our team of creative experts and Developers regularly works to deliver the best product for you. Here are some of the recent projects we have worked on.

We have developed an app for connecting the media and entertainment industry people.

Client:Arimugham Cini Connect

Focozon is World’s First 360 Professional platform for connecting the media & entertainment industry. The Core functionality of this product is to connect the various departments of the cine industry from light man to the actors and facilitate hiring and casting.

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We have developed an Uber-like model for Ambulance Service - 108 which is featuring in multiple countries.

Client:Sin San Infotech

Spotrush is the Ambulance Service application that is created to reduce the delay in the time of Emergency. It normalizes the process between Ambulance Provider, Hospital and Insurance Service provider.

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