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We have developed an app for connecting the media and entertainment industry people.

  • We have developed a Linked In like app for connecting the media and entertainment industry people in and around the country. It is bridging the gap between Aspiring talents and Hiring companies to facilitate the process much easier for both parties.
  • Client: Arimugham
  • Type: Job Connect for Media
  • Duration: 45days


Focozon is World’s First 360 Professional platform for connecting the media & entertainment industry. The Core functionality of this product is to connect the various departments of the cine industry from light man to the actors and facilitate hiring and casting. You can also get to see the events happening around you related to the Media and Fashion industry and you can even book for your favorite events from the app.

Problem Statement :

Our Client is an established pioneer in Cine and Entertainment industry. At that time, There was no proper solution to connect between various departments of the Cine Industry. It was initially a long process to connect people across various departments and it had a lot of confusion and miscommunications in the process. They desperately want to connect their knowledge in the Media industry with the technology and hence Focozon was born. We had a few meetings to understand the requirements and then we started together with more energy to get this to the market.


After understanding the Project requirements, we proposed an admin panel based mobile application solution. The End Users who are general public is using the Mobile app whereas the Hiring Agency and Admin will be using the Admin Panel. It was pretty straightforward. Hiring agencies or Admin has the authority to put the different types of posts like Hiring, Casting and Events. Mobile App users can get to see the posts and can like, apply for posts, enrolled for the event which is payment integrated and share the posts across other social media platforms. Admin users will have all the privileges to see all the actions done by the Users and can accept or reject the requests by the users.

What We Delivered

  • Desktop admin web application for Admin Panel - Hiring and Casting agency, Admin User
  • iOS and Android mobile application for general public
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