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Spotrush is the Ambulance Service application that is created to reduce the delay in the time of Emergency

  • We have developed an Uber-like model for Ambulance Service - 108 which is featuring in multiple countries. It is created with an Intent to save a lot of lives in the times of Emergency and Accidental situations. Spotrush is the first of its kind intended with the noble cause of saving lives by connecting Ambulance, Patient and Hospital.
  • Client: SinSan Infotechs
  • Perspective: Medical Emergency & Ambulance Booking
  • Duration: 25days


Spotrush is the Ambulance Service application that is created to reduce the delay in the time of Emergency. It normalizes the process between Ambulance Provider, Hospital and Insurance Service provider. Easier the process, more time saved. Booking appointments in a hospital is much easier with Spotrush. You can choose the best doctors from the hospital in and around the city.

Problem Statement :

Our Client is a famous dentist providing valuable services to society on a daily basis. He visualized something that is going to revolutionize the processing in the Emergency Situation. That is how Spotrush was born. He is very energetic and desperately wants this product to hit the stores. His Charisma was amazing and infectious. It made us to understand the requirements even better and proceed with full throttle. We split the development process into phases and delivered things on time. It was thorough professionalism throughout the process.


We have two levels of users - Admin and General Public. Admin has three categories - Hospital, Insurance, and Ambulance. Each admin will have their own privileges based on the role. For Instance, Hospital Admin will have any authority to accept or reject the request raised by the Patient at any time. The System will talk to each other to smoothen the process for the Generic Public. The Integrated System is very powerful enough to avoid confusion and miscommunications.

What We Delivered

  • Desktop admin web application for hospital, Insurance, and ambulance admin
  • iOS and Android mobile application for ambulance drivers
  • iOS and Android mobile application for general public
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